How to trim videos in VLC? - Guide

How to trim videos in VLC? - Guide

How to trim videos in VLC: Hi friends, welcome to the video editing world. We have already written an amazing guide called the best 4K video player for PC. In that way now we provide full details about steps to trimming videos using a VLC video player. Most of the people searching, Is it possible to trim videos using VLC video player? We are here in this article we guide you to trim videos in a VLC video player.

How to trim videos in VLC
How to trim videos in VLC
The VLC media player is the best video player for PC but most people don’t know this VLC media player is also used to trim videos and act as a video editor. People edit their videos for various reasons like some of the people want a particular portion of address clips so they cut the particular part and others for entertainment, personal wish, and more. Using this VLC video player you can easily edit and cut videos but some people don’t know how to use a VLC media player as a video editor. Keep reading this complete article you will get full details about VLC media player and how to trim videos in VLC?

About VLC media player:

The VLC media player is an amazing and professional player that plays most of the multimedia file and also video disc. It is not only a video player you can easily cut videos and edit your videos using this VLC. That means you can cut a certain part of the clip in the video and merge it with another video. VLC is not being the most advanced video editor application but you can easily cut and edit your videos with simple steps. The advanced video editing software requires advanced skills but the VLC media player simple and easiest way to trim your videos. You can also share your videos with friends and family.

How to trim videos in VLC?

Most people only use video editing software to edit their videos. There are many video editing applications are available in the internet market but the VLC video player is the simple and easiest way to trim videos. Just follow these below steps to trim videos using VLC.

Step 1: Select a file:

First, you select the files or particular video which you want to edit or trim. There are many video formats are available just select the video format.

Step 2: Open VLC video player:

Launch VLC media player and double-clicking the software icon. Now click the menu option and select the advance control from the view option.

Step 3: Open video:

Now select the video which you edit or trim. You can easily select the file or video from the slider option. A record button will appear on the screen.  Now choose the Dialog box to select in the VLC menu from Record directory. 

Step 4: Select the portion:

The advanced control option will allow you to start the beginning and ending point of the video. Press the record button to start the beginning point. 

Step 5: Trim videos:

Before trim your videos you just confirm the videos format and start the process. You can also use the dragging and dropping option to trim your videos.

Step 6: Play the video:

Now play the video and select the starting point from where you want to trim. At the starting point click the record button. Once you press the record button the video move frame by frame for more accuracy.

Step 7: Save file:

After reach, the ending point stops the record button and save it. Choose the dialog box in the VLC menu, from the record directory. There is an option to select the location to save your file. This is a very important step because of an easy way to identification for your videos. Your videos are automatically saved in MP4 format under C:\Users\Username\videos folder on windows.

Input Video formats:

The VLC can read various types of video format like 3GP, MP4, ASF, FLV, FLAC, MKV, AAC, AC3, ALAC, DTC, DV, MPEG-2, MXF, VOB, DVD-Video, VCD, DVB, SVCD, CD Audio, DTS, XM, MACE, It, MP3, etc.

Output formats:

The Vlc can save your file in a different format. You can select any format from this list. ASF, FLV, FLAC, MP4, MPJPEG, MPEG-2, Ogg, PS, PVA, WebM, MP3, etc.

Features of VLC video editor:

Before using the VLC video editor just know about the features of VLC. There are many features that are available in the VLC. If you want to cut a large size then the VLC is not a suitable application. Here we mention some important features which are listed below.
  • You can edit or cut videos and audios with no quality loss.
  • Using VLC you can save your file to popular formats.
  • You can merge one video into another also add more clips from one video.
  • You can edit your videos with various effects.
  • Using this VLC you can control video speed up to 60X faster.
These are the main features of a VLC media player. So you can easily edit your videos using this VLC media player.

We hope, this article helps you to get full details about the VLC media player and how to trim videos in VLC? If you are facing any issue to trim videos in VLC. Just ask free on the comment box. 

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