How to Change and Remove Video Background on Kinemaster?

How to Change and Remove Video Background on Kinemaster?

Edit Video Background using Kinemaster: Are you searching for a way to edit/change video background using Kinemaster? then you are landed in the correct place. Here in this guide, we provide you a step by step guide of How to change the video background in the Kinemaster app. The KineMaster supports unlimited texts, images, handwriting, and the overlay layers, as well as overall up to ten video layers (on the supported devices). The layer positions and timing will be easily get adjusted and the layers can be animated by using the preset animation effects or with the key-frame animation. Obviously, KineMaster is a surprisingly wonderful video editing application available on your smartphone devices and you will find yourself creating complex projects with ease. 
Change Video Background on Kinemaster
Change Video Background on Kinemaster
The interface will be as simple yet stores a lot of tools, and as it's free ( as long as you will not mind the watermarking). The application will be definitely worth it. Okay, let's look at some of the grand features in-build in this application.

Features of KineMaster Video Editor:

The KineMaster video editing application has many more advanced editing features for its users. The features such as voice changing filters, bit-rate, resolution, control of exporting frame rate, and support for a variety of video, audio, and file formats. Okay, let's look at the main highlight of Kinemaster below.

Intuitive Editing:
You can trim the video clips and layers exactly where you want. The audio clipping timing also can be adjusted with the sub-frame accuracy.

Instant Preview:
You no need to keep waiting to see your final video look. You can watch your edits in action as soon as you develop them. This is one of the best options in the Kinemaster app and it saves time for the users.

Multi-Track Audio:
The KineMaster will give you the studio mixing booth! You can play 8 or more (depending on your device) audio track simultaneously which is really awesome.

The Multiple Layers:
The KineMaster supported with unlimited texts, images, handwriting, and overlay layers. The layer positions and timings can be adjusted easily and the layers can be animated by using preset animation effects or with the key-frame animation. This is one of the famous features of Kinemaster and this feature made this app become a trending app.

Blending Modes:
The transformation of your videos into works of art with the blending tools. You can use them to knock out black or white backgrounds, creating the double exposures, and can create your own custom color filters.

The Speed Controls:
You can adjust the speed of your editing video from 0.25x up to 16x without any pinch distortion, for the ultimate in the slow and time-lapse effects.

The Pro Audio features:
You can extract and edit audio tracks separately from your editing video. You can also easily adjust the volume envelope, the control stereo channels, applying ducking to the audio tracks, or turn on the auto-volume with KineMaster's robust audio tools. The multiple audio formats also get supported.

Chroma Key:
The Kinemaster video players support the Chroma key composting, with the full green screen support, includes with a live preview of the alpha mask and the detailed adjustments of the curve used to define the mask edges so you will get the professional video editing output by using this smartphone app.

Voice recording: 
The KineMaster allowing you to record audio while previewing your project, it will make it as easy for adding voice-over the tracks to any audio.

These all are the grant features of the KineMaster video editor app. Now let's look at the steps of how to remove/change video background on Kinemaster Pro.

Remove Video Background KineMaster Pro:

Here you can look at the step-by-step clear guide to remove or changing the video background on Kinemaster Pro. At the time of video editing, we need some of the advanced functions for completing some important work. CHROME KEY is one of them which allows us to remove the background of the target video. In this article, you can easily learn How to remove and change the video background on Kinemaster.

How to Change Video Background on Kinemaster:

  • At first, record your video on a green screen or you can use the green wall, etc.
  • Then run the Kinemaster and in the media section load target the background which you want on your video.
  • Then click on the layer and load your target video which you need to remove the background.
  • After that, select the video and click the Chrome key and enable it.
change video background in kinemaster
  • Then use the slider to match the color with the background.
  • Finally, you have done it.
  • In this way, you can easily remove/change video backgrounds. To get this option you need to get the Kinemaster pro app so choose any subscription plan.

Conclusion: Using the above guide you can easily edit/change any video background with the help of the Kinemaster app. If you have any doubts please let us know in the below comment section and follow us to get more video editing tips and guides. Thank you for visit guys.

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