KineMaster Old Version Free Download Guide

KineMaster Old Version Free Download Guide

KineMaster Old Version: Hi friends, welcome to the video editing world. There are many video editing applications are available on the internet. But the KineMaster video editing application is the best application. There are many updated version available in the KineMaster.  But some of the Android OS not supported the latest version of KineMaster. So they have searched KineMaster Old Version for their android old version. Here we guide you to download KineMaster Old Version and its features. Keep reading for more details about KineMaster.

About KineMaster Old Version:

KineMaster Old Version
KineMaster is a powerful video editing tool for mobile users. Using this application you can edit your videos and image more attractively. There are lots of features available in the KineMaster. The chroma key option is mainly used in this application. The KineMaster chroma key is a very powerful tool for changing your video background. It is available in both a free version and a paid version.  The KineMaster free version also provides many features but it has a “Made with KineMaster” watermark for all the videos. Most people don’t like this watermark so you can download the KineMaster pro version. Using KineMaster you can trim your videos, merge clips into one video, and change your image background. The KineMaster subscription is available in both annual and monthly.

Why go for KineMaster Old Version?

The KineMaster video editing application is available in many versions. Most people like to download KineMaster's latest version for new updates. But some of them like KineMaster Old Version for many reasons. The old version is very simple to handle so many people using KineMaster Old Version. The latest version of KineMaster is also very simple but it has lots of options and tools. The old version is enough for the common users. The professional video editors are downloading the KineMaster new version. The old version of KineMaster is very simple to edit your videos and images. It has selective options are available. So you can manage the tools. You can edit your videos in a few minutes. These are the reasons for downloading KineMaster Old Version.

In this article,e you will get full specifications about KineMaster Old Version and its features. Keep reading this full article to know more details about KineMaster.

Features of KineMaster Old Version:

KineMaster provides many features. Before downloading KineMaster Old Version just know about the features of it. The best features of the KineMaster which are listed below. 
  • Using KineMaster Old Version you can easily edit your videos and images. The latest version of KineMaster provides many updated features but the old version very simple to use.
  • It is a user-friendly application and you can make a mini-movie in a few minutes. 
  • The KineMaster Old Version is provided many options and tools to edit your videos.
  • You can edit your images and change your image background using this old version.
  • The KineMaster Old Version is supported for all the android versions. So you can download and installed it on your device.
  • It is very simple to handle. The tools and options are very easy to use. So there is no need for high video editing knowledge. 
  • It supports many formats of videos and images. So you can edit any type of videos very easily.
  • Using this KineMaster Old Version you can edit your videos and share on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more.
  • The KineMaster Old Version provides more video styles. So you can edit your videos more attractively.
  • Using this version you can edit your images as animated image and also 3D transitions. 
  • You can edit frame-to-frame images and also add more clip videos into one video.
  • The KineMaster provides a speed control option. So you can control the speed of your video and also make slow-motion videos.
  • You can text on your image using the text/title option on the KineMaster. The animated text option is also available in the KineMaster Old Version.
  • If you want more features, just click the subscription option on the KineMaster store.
  • Using the instant preview option, you can see all your edits before complete the editing process. 
These are the features of the KineMaster Old Version. So without any hassle, you can download KineMaster Old Version and edit your videos.

Download KineMaster Old Version:

To download KineMaster Old Version is a very simple task. We will guide you to download KineMaster Old Version and install it on your device.
  • The KineMaster is available in many Android versions like 3.0, 4.2, 4.8, and more.
  • Just visit the KineMaster official web page.
  • The KineMaster versions are listed on the official web page.
  • Just click the version that you want to download KineMaster.
  • Now the download process will start.
  • After downloading KineMaster Old Version you just start the installation process.
  • Before installing KineMaster Old Version you should make some changes to your Android device.
  • Go to settings and do this. Settings -> General settings -> Device Management -> and click enable unknown source option.
  • Now your device is ready to install KineMaster Old Version. 
  • Search the KineMaster Old Version APK file on your device file manager.
  • Just click the APK file and install it on your device.
  • Finally, the KineMaster Old Version is installed on your device and you can enjoy its features.
We hope, this article helps you get full details about KineMaster Old Version and its features. If you have any struggle to download KineMaster Old Version just ask free in the comment box.

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