KineMaster for Jio Phone(Omnisd Download)

KineMaster for Jio Phone(Omnisd Download)

KineMaster for Jio Phone helps you to edit your videos with lots of options like trim, cut, slice, filters, effects, animation, and more. Even, it allows you to control the speed of the video. So, you can control every minute of the video. 

KineMaster for Jio Phone
KineMaster for Jio Phone

KineMaster is developed as a native application for only Android and iOS devices. So you can’t legally install the app on Jio Phone. But you do not have to worry about this. By using some tricks, you will be able to use KineMaster for Jio Phone. We are here to teach you about those tricks. Let’s learn it. 

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How to download KineMaster for Jio Phone:

As we already said, the KineMaster application is not available on the App store of Jio Phone. But still, it is possible to use KineMaster on Jio Phone with the help of Omnisd. Omnisd is an application that contains all android applications which you cannot download it from Jio Store. In other words, Omnisd is a third party app which allows you to install android application on KaiOS (Jio Phone).

It is necessary to have a PC or Laptop, Micro SD card, and USB cable in order to download Omnisd on Jio Phone. Let’s see how to use KineMaster for Jio Phone through Omnisd.

How To Use Omni SD

Step 1: First of all, you have to the zip file of Omnisd on your laptop or PC. You can search for the file on the internet.
Step 2: Now, connect your Jio Phone with PC through a USB cable. Copy and paste the downloaded Omnisd file on Jio Phone.
Step 3: Then, you have to transfer the file into the SD card inserted on phone and switch off the phone.
Step 4: Switch on your Jio phone with recovery mode and then Click on Apply update from SD card.
Step 5: Now, go to the directory or folder where you have transferred the Omnisd zip file. 
Step 6: Install it by pressing the back button. After completing the installation, it will ask some permission to access your device, you have to accept all permissions.
Step 7: Now, you can see the Omnisd option on the app drawer section of your Jio Phone. 
Step 8: If it is not visible on the app drawer, simply reboot your Jio Phone. After that, you can download KineMaster on Jio Phone through the Omnisd app.

Alternatives to KineMaster for Jio Phone:

Though you can use the KineMaster video editing app on Jio Phone by the above method, it is not a legal way to use the app. This may weaken the performances of your Jio Phone. If you don’t want to face this struggle, then you may go for the alternatives to edit videos on Jio Phone. Here, we have given some of the best online video editing websites that allow you to edit your videos within the browser of Jio Phone as like KineMaster. With the help of the below-listed websites, you can easily edit or modify your videos without any hassle. 



This website helps you to edit videos, images as well as a logo completely free. You can find lots of tools to customize your video in a unique manner. To edit videos using this website, simply open a browser application on your Jio Phone and go to Now, you can start editing your videos with available options.  It lets you edit videos or images by uploading the existing files as well as with blank projects.


Clideo Video Editore
Clideo Video Editore

Clideo is another website for editing videos online on Jio Phone. It comes with a variety of tools so that you can make your video with lots of creativity. Slide show maker feature in this website lets you make a video with images by showing it one by one. You can fast forward, slow motion, and even reverse the video. It allows you to crop, merge, cut, flip, add music, add text and subtitles, etc.

Movie Maker Online:

This is also an online video making website as like previous. It has a very simple interface, so you may feel comfortable when you use this online video editing website on Jio Phone. Like other websites, it also lets you trim, crop, merge, slideshow, slow motion, etc.

Final Words:

We came to the end of this article. Now, you have learned about how to download KineMaster for Jio Phone and also some alternatives. If you are comfortable with the unofficial way then use KineMaster on Jio Phone through the Omnisd app or else go for the alternatives.

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