What to Expect When Switching from Apple to Android?

What to Expect When Switching from Apple to Android?

Making a move from Apple to Android or from Android to Apple happens very rarely. Smartphones are one thing in which brand loyalty hardly staggers. However, if for whatever reason you have shifted from an iPhone to a Samsung or any other Android, there are several challenges and perks you can experience.

These aspects can be both software and hardware in nature. There are some things to be wary of and some things to look forward to as a new Android user that we are going to discuss in this blog.

Switching from Apple to Android

Pro Tip: When switching from iPhone to Android or vice versa, make sure you have a steady internet connection for all the updates to install without hiccups. For a seamless setting up experience, you need a dependable provider with a helpful customer support network. Xfinity Customer Service is a great example of this.

Let’s discuss some of the most noticeable transitionary differences between the two brands.

Setting Up

It tells you to connect both phones via a cable and you'll be good to go in 30 minutes. Then even WhatsApp, the single most historically difficult app to transfer, now has a "move to Android" button baked in. But then the first problem arose: it wouldn't detect the cable. 

When it does, it only partially transfers apps with very little app data. So, you've had to start each one from the beginning.

The rest of the stuff, like contacts, came in dribs and drabs, with some having to then be transferred again later with the wireless method. WhatsApp may just altogether refuse this transfer. 

It can become an arduous evening project every day for the entire first week just to try and get your chats across from one phone to another.

Now all of this hassle is partly Samsung's fault for making a Smart Switch app that isn't very smart at switching. But it wouldn't be fair to give them all the blame. 

You'll have trouble switching from iPhone to any Android nowadays simply because Apple is now more and more tying every single iPhone app and feature into your Apple ID, effectively increasing the friction that would come from exiting that bubble.

Customization Liberties

Android offers a level of customization you rarely feel when you're using an iPhone like it's lacking. But it's only when you move over to Android after a long time being on iPhone that you re-appreciate all of those "oh yeah, I can change that too" moments.

Samsung, for example, has a suite of apps called Good Lock, and it gives you an insane level of control. You could spend weeks optimizing every single key of your keyboard or adding instant shortcuts to popular phrases. 

You can craft every aspect of your motion wallpaper, and you cannot just apply icon packs, you can make your own.

What's refreshing about using an Android again is that when you have those little nibbles. Some examples of this:

  • If you want to search for an app on Samsung's default home screen, you have to execute some pretty advanced finger gymnastics
  • Flicking down the control panel on your phone to change brightness in one swipe.
  • Being able to transfer files and videos by simply plugging in instead of dealing with the challenges of an airdrop

Face Unlock Feature Difference

The only thing that does feel like a downgrade here is the Face Unlock. iPhone users are used to Apple's Face ID for everything. It's so reliable and so good that you start to forget it's there. However, Samsung's Face Unlock isn't as secure, so you can't use it to authenticate as many things.

It needs you to be closer. It's a little bit slower, and since it's not using infrared, but your actual camera to snapshot your face, which means it's affected by light. So, when you try and do this at night, the phone will blast you with enough of it to wake you right back up.

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Summing Up

There are a lot more changes and stark differences to look out for in this Apple vs. Android transitionary period. These are both software and hardware in nature. 

The ones that we have discussed in this post are those that are the most staggering to a new Android user or someone who is coming back to Android after an extended period of iPhone usage.

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